The term fashion means “Ongoing trend” In the 21st century, the style trend of the fashion industry dominate the world more than ever did, and control not only the way people do but also trend in homeware design make up the fashion and people’s overall attitudes for following fashion or trend, we keep ordering new shoes and clothes very frequently. But have you ever thought that what exactly fashion is? Who sets these trends? And why does fashion keep changing frequently?

Brief Description of Fashion and Trends

There is no clear definition of fashion, yet people want to buy the same items when they witness a celebrity or well-known individual wearing something designer. Then, when more people see them, they begin to wear those clothes, and they become a fashion or a trend. Because of the prominent industry, fashion changes regularly, allowing the businesses’ initiatives to continue to develop, which is why we continue to wear new stylish apparel and discard old garments.

According to surveys, young women are the most crucial season that consumes fashion, and one in three women believes that wearing the same clothing twice or three times is not stylish. And as a result of this tendency, we produce values over $500 billion per year. Whatever cause is employed in creating these clothing, from power to water, is considerable. You’ll be surprised to learn that the fashion sector may generate up to 8% of overall emissions, more significant than the combined emission and shipping industry.


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Moreover, The fashion industry uses 79 billion cubic meters of water every wear

Clothes have plastics, and it generates a lot of microplastic when water is scarce for 2.5 billion people. According to a report, the season for 20 to 35% of microplastics found in our oceans is an approved industry. To summarize it, Due to our frequently buying of clothes waste generated a lot of carbon is emitted water is polluted & water is wasted.

       But we don’t mean to make you stop wearing the clothes, but there are the exact steps by which we can save this problem to a great extent :

       Removing one clothes the first step is that we should use all our clothes fully. Instead of discarding them as they are not our fashion anymore.


  • Buying things which are not fast fashion, buy such clothes that are simple & elegant.
  •  Like – plain t-shirt, simple jeans (no design, no print), because the fashion of simple clothes is always trendy.
  • Buying sustainable clothes season those brand and carbon neutrals are also in your budget. It will give a boom to sustainable industry & Big companies will also have to think about sustainability.
  •  Buying second-hand clothes these days, there are a lot of thrift stores that sell second-hand clothes.
  • Most expensive clothes are one-time rent clothes for weddings, ceremonies or any event. We can not use such clothes for daily use. There are garment rental stores in almost every city where we may borrow clothing for a single day, allowing us to dress differently for different occasions. We can also return them later by this even waste will not generate. 
  • Donating our clothes never discord your clothes, instead donate them by donating these clothes; it will not go to waste and will to someone who needs them the most, so if you want to donate your unused clothes, you can donate them by mobile application, e.g. DAAN PATRA, etc.

Many online platforms collect donated clothes in many cities. And provide them to under privilege.

Hope you learn from this content and provide you with valuable & used information. Let’s tell more people about this problem and the solution as well.

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