WHO defined health in 1948 as a condition of total bodily and social well-being rather than simply the absence of sickness or disability. Everyone has the right to excellent health, regardless of their religious, political, economic, or social standing. Regular exercise, enough sleep, and a well-balanced diet are the cornerstones of good health. For a person to have a happy life, proper health is required. To obtain excellent health, we must all live a healthy lifestyle that includes eating fresh fruits and organic vegetables, exercising in the fresh air on a regular basis, avoiding junk food, processed foods, smoking or stress drinking, and so on. A person who exercises on a regular basis lives a balanced life has positive views toward life and is active throughout the day.

To enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise. Good health is impossible without cleanliness because many diseases are caused due to a lack of cleanliness. if we keep our body and environment clean we many enjoy a disease-free life. Health is wealth. good health is the greatest blessing that a person can have and it is the secret of every happy man. Most of all we should have a regular health check-up and we must laugh more as laughing is a therapy and the secret of good health. Let us remember that only a healthy body, mind, and soul make life worth living.


1 Physical dimension
2 Social dimension
3 Mental dimension
4 Spiritual dimension
5 Emotional dimension


Physical health means a perfect function of the body in which each organ is working in harmony with the maximum capacity. physical health is achieved by exercise. Healthy diet and well-balanced diet that contains carbohydrates, protein fat vitamins, and minerals, adequate sleep, stress-free, and no smoking or tobacco or alcohol and drug-taking.


1.So this includes good physique clean skin and shinning hair, good complexion not too fatty, the sense organ our eyes nose ear, tongue, and skin are agile and sensitive to their respective functions.
2. Internal organs such as lungs, heart-brain kidney, and others perform their functions consistently and in combination.
3. Our physical health is healthy when we are full of energy and have a decent sleeping pattern, have a good appetite, and drink clean water.  Because Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. It is critical for our physical health and we exercise since it provides oxygen and nutrients to our entire body. Because Exercise enhances bodily function and helps to avoid a variety of disorders.


1 Brain function and memory sharp
2 Improve all health
3 Reduces feeling of anxiety and depression
4 Have strong bones and muscles and joints
5 Improve sleep quality
6 Control weight and fat
7 Thinking, learning and skill sharp
8 Boost energy and stamina
9 Decrease blood pressure and cholesterol
10 Reduce blood sugar and risk of diabetes
11 Reduce the risk of cancer
12 Control addiction


Mental health refers to our psychological, social, and emotional well-being, because it influences how we think, feel, behave, and act. Personal life, relationships, and physical health can all be affected by mental health. Because Mental health has an impact on people’s ability to maintain good physical health. But Mental health is the state of being able to conduct mental functions well, resulting in social activities and positive interpersonal connections.  Because He has an excellent rational and emotional self-control balance.

Mentally a healthy person to maintain the balance between professional and personal life. he has a strong sense of self-esteem. many factors contribute to mental health problems such as poor nutrition, poor hygienists, biological factor. such as genes or brain chemistry, trauma, poor immunity system, physical illness. Poor mental health is also linked with stressful job conditions rapid social charges, human rights violations. mental health problems are common various signs of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, little or no energy, loss of sleep or the well to eat, smoking drugs, alcohol, feeling helpless, losing temper very quickly fighting with family and friends.


1 Interact with people
2 Sleep well
3 Eat healthy food
4 Excercise regularly
5 Connect with family and friends


The ability to form and maintain a harmonious relationship with other members of the society in which he lives is referred to as social health. Good social health includes not only relationship social health, but also social health rooted in ‘positive material environment and positive ‘which is in concert with the individual.


1 develop a new relationship
2 develop new hobbies, yoga, cooking, swimming, etc
3 share your feeling with friends, parents, and other family members
4 Eat healthy foods with family and friends
5 balancing your social and personal life
6 spend time with family and friends
7 spend quality time whit your family


Spiritual mean in touch with dipper self and exploration the purpose of life, as people believe in some force the transcend physiology and psychology of human being
1 Spending quiet time alone
2 Meditation yoga, prayer, or spiritual gathering are organized to maintain spiritual health



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